Online Russian with Kristina
Are you interested in Russian language?
In Russian culture?
Привет! (Privet!)

Ready to dive into the fascinating world of Russian language and culture?

I'm Kristina, your enthusiastic guide on this exciting journey.

Whether you're a complete beginner or an advanced learner, my personalized approach ensures every lesson is tailored to your needs and interests. Say goodbye to boring textbooks – I've got engaging materials and activities lined up just for you!

In my classes, we don't just learn Russian – we experience it. Through lively discussions, immersive activities, and cultural insights, you'll not only master the language but also discover the heart and soul of Russia.

So, if you're ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure with Russian, let's get started together!

До скорой встречи! (Do skoroy vstrechi!) - See you soon!


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Ready for the Russian adventure? 
Classes with me
When we have classes you will:
learn Russian grammar, vocabulary 
you will know more about culture, country, traditions 
Listen, watch, speak and read  
Enjoy and have great time 
We will have our lessons in:
MS Teams
No matter where you are or what your native language is, let's find a time that works for both of us, and let's connect online
I have experience to teach:
From 0 - to begin with alphabet, numbers ...
Advanced level- to improvement speaking, expand vocabulary... 
Preparation for Russian language exam at school
to teach Online 
to teach Onside 
classes in English
classes in Spanish
if you are a beginner - the language that will help us to understand each other is English 
Then, the more classes we have - the more we speak Russian at the time of lessons.

Ready for the Russian adventure? let's connect