Our company provides aid and support to those impacted by the conflict in Ukraine. We assist displaced families, students, hospitals and individuals who have fled Ukraine as refugees, as well as those enduring hardship within the country.
🇺🇦Our Mission🇬🇧

Provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainians impacted by the war, both within Ukraine and abroad…Learn more

We raise money through donations, grants, and partnerships to fund the purchase of essential humanitarian supplies bound for Ukraine.
We provide much needed Ukrainian translation services to help refugees navigate systems and settle in the UK.
Our team handles the complex logistics of securely transporting medical equipment, food, hygiene items and other aid into Ukraine and refugee areas.
Legal Help
UK Immigration and Legal Advice
 We assist displaced Ukrainians with immigration processes, housing, benefits, and integration into local communities across Britain.
UK Education
Our partners offer scholarships and educational programs for those seeking to get higher qualification or degree. 
Job Seeking UK
Our team of dedicated career advisors will help you get employed or start a business in UK. 

One of the easiest way to support all those in need and stand out with a message is to purchase one of our " Ride with Ukraine " bundles. Reflective bands or hi-vi jackets will keep you safe and seen on the road while you spread the word. Learn more at our shop website.

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About Us
SOSHUBUKUA CIC is a community interest company established in early 2023 in response to the humanitaria crisis unfolding in Ukraine.