Envelop is a collateral-backed and price discovery cross-chain protocol to provide NFT2.0 with inner value and liquidity.
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SAFT wNFT - Vested allocations avalable to be sold to retail, community gets vestings and prices as VCs did without dump token price
Launchpad with custom showcases to trade vested allocations and collateralized NFTs
Upgradable Soulbound token SBT - Dynamic on-chain reputation system designed to involve community, split active members from flippers
Liquid farming - Tradable farming positions, no loss of APY or additional transactional costs when resold
Web3 Gifts - NFTs with assets inside and unwrap conditions
Subscription - Applicabel module for any web3 dApp
NFT Tickets  - Platform to create events and mint NFT2.0 tickets with pre and post production marketing opportunities  
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